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The On-Demand app for everyone!

The PHIX platform aims to bring all the different service providers in Singapore's gig economy together on a single platform.

AppstoreGoogleplay * Now Available on Android Devices From 5.5

Phix Provider is a mobile app for service providers to receive on-demand jobs. Browse through the list of services available in the app, and if there are any of the service listed that you are able to do, then we want YOU!

Friendly Interface
Friendly Interface

The new PHIX Provider interface adopts a user-friendly approach. We've heard your feedback on the first version and built something better for you.

Personalized Analytics
Personalized Analytics

Tracking your own data is seamless. You can now monitor your past activities and work towards being more efficient.

Powerful Settings
Powerful Settings

The PHIX provider mobile app has various powerful features that will guide you through a business transaction seamlessly.

Super Fast Access
Super Fast Access

Log on to the app and receive bookings quickly. Our 24 hours dedicated super fast servers will give you super fast access.

Secured Data Protection
Secured Data Protection

Only necessary details needed for the job will be shown to customers. Everything else will be kept confidential and secure

Friendly Support Staff
Friendly Support Staff

Whenever you need assistance, our customer service officers will be there for you. We thank you for your patience.

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Stay connected with all your potential customers

  • Phix connects customers to providers who are within the vicinity.
  • Customers may browse and select the right provider for their specific needs
  • By being on Phix Pro you open yourself up to home owners/office users/schools and much more!
  • Customers can book you ``Now`` or for a scheduled time
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Real Time Statistic

Monitor your activity

Phix Provider provideds realtime data for you to track your earnings at a glance. With clear illustrations, you can easily view your weekly earnings at your convenience.

  • Easily track your weekly nett earnings with a glance.
  • View individual bookings by scrolling down or with the help of filters

We Are Live! Download & Use The PHIX Provider App Now!

Register your profile Now. Once approved, you can connect and receive jobs with ease.


It only take a few minutes to register an account to be a Phix Provider!


Watch our tutorial video, to learn how to customize your profile.


Once done, go Online and start receiving bookings!

Register In 30 Seconds
Register In 30 Seconds
PHIX registration can be done quickly and painlessly.
Real Time Customization
Real Time Customization
Customize your services and working time according to what suits you.
Start Receiving Jobs
Start Receiving Jobs
Once your account has been approved by a PHIX Administrator, you are then ready to receive your first booking!
Rapid Customer Support
Rapid Customer Support
We are there for you when you need us most.
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A Faster And More Powerful Mobile App

With a dedicated server hosting all of PHIX's transactions, you have our guarantee that you will have a smooth experience with us


Faster Access


App Productivity


Battery Saving

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age requirement to be a PHIX Provider?

To be a Phix Provider, you need to be 16 years and above. All providers also need to be Singaporean or PR with a working mobile device and a valid Paynow Id.

When will my Profile be approved?

All PHIX Provider Profiles will be approved by the launch date of 7th Dec 2019. Before your profile is approved, you would need to have a working smartphone and register yourself through the profile registration page on the app.

Once my profile is approved, what do I do?

Simply log in to the Phix Provider App (Ensure that the location sharing is on). Secondly you would need to set your working schedule. This is followed by adding the appropriate services to your service menu and by fixing your own price rates.

Why do you require Location to be turned on?

The PHIX Provider app requires your location to pair you up with customers who need your services within the area.

What are the payout options available on the app?

Currently, the payout option that is available to all providers is through the PayNow feature on the app.

How do I make a withdrawal from my Wallet?

Click on the button “Withdraw” under the Earnings tab, select the amount to withdraw, and click on PayNow. Select your mobile number and press done. You should see the payout in your bank account or through PayNow within three working days!

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal is the minimum amount you are allowed to withdraw each time. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50. This limit is to reduce the number of transactions carried out.

How often can I make a withdrawal?

You can make a withdrawal once every day.

Does PHIX Pro take any commission from my earnings?

Yes, PHIX Pro takes a maximum of 15% commission from your earnings.

Still have a question? Email us at ask@getphix.com
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Manage Your Time, Appointments And Jobs With Phix Provider!

The schedule function allows you to edit your working time to make it as flexible as you want. You can also view your upcoming appointments all on one page.


List of Services Available on Phix

If you have the skills mentioned below or are already providing these services, then come on board the Phix platform to get more bookings.

Air Con
  • Air-con servicing
  • Chemical overhaul
  • Fault finding & troubleshoot
  • Hourly Housekeeping
  • Hourly Ironing
  • Pest Control
  • Replace Light Fixtures
  • Reset MCB Switch
  • Re-Wiring
Sport Coaches
  • Tennis Coaching
  • Gym Coaching
  • General Fitness Coaching
  • Pipe unclogging
  • Toilet bowl unclogging
  • Replace waterheater
  • Repair washing machine
  • Repair baking oven
  • Repair refrigerator
  • TV Wall mount
  • Mount Curtain Rod
  • Mount pull-up bar
  • Car grooming
  • Battery replacement
  • Towing services

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