5 Reasons Why Freelancing Is Great For Your Family!

These days, many companies are working longer and longer hours. For many employees, this means they get less time to spend with their family, and not necessarily are they compensated for it.

It is very common in this day and age for work needing overtime, resulting in longer average work weeks. The latest global survey shows that Singapore residents in 2015 worked the second longest week in developed cities around the world, clocking in 45.6 hours, trailing only behind Hong Kong at 50.1 hours. Interestingly, millennials (aged between 20 and 34) in Singapore worked the joint-second longest hours (48) in the world, behind India (52). It is clear that working long hours negatively affects your family life, so what are the alternatives?

Freelancing is a great option for those who can do so. Its flexibility allows you to choose what work you do, what your schedule is, and when you are available. The market for freelancers, what we call the “gig economy”, has been picking up recently and looks set to continue growing. One of the most attractive things about freelancing is that you can have a better work-family balance. So how does freelancing give that better balance?

1) No need to handle office stress

Working full time in an office brings about a whole set of issues related to the office. Being forced to interact with various people with different personalities can bring more stress into your life, affecting your mental health. Some workplaces can also be very competitive to the point of being unhealthy for the employees.

For freelancers, you don’t need to suffer any distractions from an office. You are hired to do a job based on the skills that you have, freeing you from any office stress. This can bring about a positive impact on your family life.

2) A flexible schedule

If you need to work 48 hours a week, you will definitely miss some of your family events, visits, or milestones. It might be hard to find time to bring your child for his check-ups or to extra classes if you have to work such long hours.

Freelancing allows you to set your own schedule, allowing you to plan more time to spend for your family. The PHIX Provider app allows you to set your own working schedule, from as low as an hour a day to a 12 hour long shift. It also allows you to tailor your own schedule around duties that you may have perhaps when providing care for your loved ones.

3) Re-joining the workforce

If you or your wife just gave birth, you may want to spend more time at home with the baby. Going back to 9-5 work may need expensive childcare and force you to be away from your baby when he or she needs you.

Freelancing helps you have more time at home as you can choose which jobs to take on. There are also many freelance jobs that new mothers can take in the growing gig economy.

4) Using new technology

You can easily find job opportunities for freelancers in Singapore through the latest mobile applications and technology, like PHIX Provider. There are lots of categories for the various kinds of work that freelancers can do, and helps connect customers who need those freelance services to the freelance service providers. You have the flexibility to create your own schedule, and you can make freelancing with PHIX Provider a full filling career. It can help you save time on the hassle of finding and dealing with customers, letting you focus on doing the work that you’re skilled at and getting paid for your work.

5) Higher Income

Contrary to popular believe, Freelancers actually command a higher income as compared to full time employees. This is due to the high skill sets that they bring and for a shorter job duration, their hourly rates are much higher.

In Singapore, the PHIX Provider app allows you  to set your own hourly rates and is very much dependent on your skill level. It gives you the freedom to decide what you service is actually valued at.

As we can see from the above, freelancing could be a very effective way to balance your work life and your family life. However make sure that you plan in advance and be serious about your plans. Discussing with your family would be recommended for such a decision. Nevertheless, it can bring about a positive change to your life.


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