This Young Start-up is Disrupting Singapore’s Billion-Dollar Market.

Start-ups are all the rave of the futuristic workplace. Indeed, the names that pop to mind when start-ups are mentioned are multi-million or billion dollar companies today. And even though the success of these brand names is soaring upward, their start-up roots run deep.


One particular young start-up is all set to climb the ranks into the big leagues with those names. Sure, everyone’s been to marketplaces and probably has at least one shopping app downloaded on their phones. But have you been to a marketplace where you shop for services instead?


And what a wide range of services Phix offers too. Groceries, clothes, shoes – these regular products are swept off this app’s shelves to be stocked instead with home cleaning, tutoring, painting and so, so many more services. That’s not the only ace that Phix has up its sleeve. Transparency is another promised trait of this young app.


Not only do customers get access to these on-demand services, they get to view the ratings, performance, punctuality, and other qualitative factors of a provider to help them decide which provider’s services to book.


There are just as many benefits of Phix on the providers’ side as well.


Covid-19 has hit the economy hard, everywhere. The pandemic resulted in 1 in 4 locals losing their means of income, resulting in the nation’s greatest ever employment decline in the first quarter of last year. There are countless unemployed people out there today still hardly better off than when we were first hit. And that’s where Phix comes in.


Helping the community is this app’s mission. Phix embraces people from all walks of life and wants to convey through this platform that not all hope is lost. In a few simple steps, nearly anyone can sign up as a provider and earn an income through their very own honed skills. The ease of applying for jobs through this is so ridiculously easy it may seem unreal to some, and it’s not your fault if you’re one of them.


Here’s why – this hasn’t been done before.


Whether you’re a customer awed at the array of services available or a provider marvelling at the simplicity of this money-making machine, Phix is all set to be the spearhead and cross the threshold into the future of the workplace.


Phix serves as a portal – a time machine – a peek into the future. A revolutionary change in the way job and service markets function. There’s no need to seek jobs anymore; the jobs seek you. Imagine living in a time where all you have to do is declare your full skillset once, just once, and wait for the opportunities to pounce on you like wild cats on a piece of fresh meat. Morbid as that might sound, for once that image isn’t as terrifying as it may normally seem.


Logically, an upsurge in employment would naturally do wonders for an economy. The boost in productivity and efficiency paired with the plummeting of unemployment rates would translate to nothing less than prosperity for a country.


You might think it will take time, and yes it will.


But all it could take is a young start-up; one leap for society. And with a synergetic relationship between Phix and the community, the results can shake up and bring Singapore’s already-formidable economy to new heights.


The future is now, and you are all invited.


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