How to Use Phix Pro Like A Pro

Phix Provider is an on-demand app for freelancers to sign up for free. It is a platform that lets them earn an income. Through this app, you can be connected to the customers in your geolocation who require your services. It all depends on you being online and available to be hired.

These locations can be anywhere – be it homes, offices, events, workstations, gardens or even more.

Phix takes a small commission (10%) for every transaction that happens in our platform. For every credit card payment job, the total amount will be transferred to your Phix eWallet. For cash payment jobs, the app commission will be deducted from the wallet itself. 

From booking to payment, everything is transparent. The platform also allows you to get ratings and reviews from customers that would help your chances of getting more jobs. 

There are 6 main categories of services available for providers to choose from and talk about their skills in. These expand further into several sub-categories, which in turn translate to many more services.


  1. Repairs 
  2. Homecare
  3. Sports 
  4. Installation 
  5. Tech 
  6. Classes 

Using the app itself is a very simple and easy process. We call it the 3 ‘R’s – Register, Resume, Revenue. 




1.Give details such as your name etc. and upload the front and back of a photo ID of yours 

2. Once your account and profile are approved (which doesn’t take long), you can sign in! 


This is the part where you set up your profile. 

  1. Tap ‘complete your profile’. 
  2. Tap on ‘edit profile’ and input your details. 

Watch Phix Provider App Tutorial here 

Tip #1: Under ‘Work Information’, give a detailed explanation of your past work related to the service you are going to offer or provide. 

Tip #2: Give a breakdown of your pricing (per unit or per hour) if you charge different rates for different services.

These help in getting more customers to book your services! 

  1. Add as many services as you can provide under ‘Area of expertise’. 
  2. Tap the blue tick and go back to the previous screen. 
  3. Tap ‘services’, followed by ‘+’. Choose the service(s) you can provide and set your prices at the same time. 
  4. Go back to the last screen again and configure your schedule. 
  • Select the date > + > add schedule

Tip: It’d be great to set your schedule for at least the next 2 months so that jobs and bookings can keep flowing in! 


  1. When a customer books you, you receive a notification
  2. If you accept it, tap ‘now’ and swipe ‘on the way’ 
  3. Swipe ‘I have arrived’ upon reaching 
  4. Swipe ‘job started’ once you start the job 
  5. Swipe ‘job completed’ when the job is done 
  6. Declare any material and miscellaneous fee in the invoice that pops up
  7. The customer needs to sign in the section at the bottom
  8. Swipe ‘invoice customer’ 

You’re done; the transaction is completed! 


  • If you wish to be available and online even after the hours you set in your schedule: home > offline (turns blue and ‘online’) 
  • Upon sign-up, you get $50 credited into your Phix Wallet! This amount can be withdrawn through PayNow upon the completion of your first job. 

Watch here for more tips!

Note: This $50 is not just a sign-up incentive, but it’s also to help you cover your 10% commission charges!

  • Use the in-app phone and text provisions to communicate with your customer so you’re clear about the job requirements. 

Simple and quick, right? If you have any questions for us, you can always reach us at

One last thing from us! We’re a new app, so we’d truly appreciate your patience in case a bug pops up on the app. Rest assured that we’re constantly working to bring you the best quality of service, so we’re very prompt with our personal pest control servicing as well! 😀 

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